Dramaturgy and performing arts

The duration of the study programme is 3 years (180 ECTS credits). Its provides students with the necessary academic knowledge in theatre studies to enable them to carry out research and archive work as well as practical tasks of dramaturges in theatres and similar institutions, such as radio, film and television companies. It also provides them with the basis to acquire the needed skills for writing various types of stage plays, art fiction (genre drama), critical writing for professional publications and reviews for mass media.

Dramaturgy and performing arts, 1st cycle (2023/2024)

Stage acting

The duration of the study programme is 4 years (240 ECTS credits). The syllabus offers a wide range of courses that enable students to acquire competences needed to start an independent career of a stage actor. The study programme aims to combine the specifics of the Slovenian cultural sphere and its tradition with contemporary art trends and practices.

Stage acting, 1st cycle (2023/2024)

Theatre directing

The duration of the study programme is 4 years (240 ECTS credits). The students learn basic principles of directing in performing arts, the structure of directing, and discover the criteria of the precisely structured format of a stage play. The students develop their own personal directing style and production ideas and learn how to time their interventions when working with actors. They learn to recognize the creative principle of selection, see ideas in the light of harmonisation between plans and implementation and develop a critical reflection of their own solutions.

Theatre directing, 1st cycle (2023/2024)

Film and television

The duration of the study programme is 3 years (180 ECTS credits) and it offers three study courses: Film and television directing, Cinematography for film and television, and Film and television editing. The students learn how to face the challenges of their own creativity and aim to achieve professional technological standards. In accordance with the selected study course, they acquire competences to act independently and creatively as professionals in documentary film, feature film, television drama, television programmes of different formats and other forms of audio-visual media.

Film and television, 1st cycle (2023/2024)

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