Theatre and Film Studies Centre collects and disseminates information, and takes care of archive and documentary materials in the fields of theatre, radio, film and television. It also implements professional, development-focused and research activities. In the Centre, students and other users have access to a specialised library, archive and documentary materials from the fields of theatre and film, as well as a video collection.

Theatre and Film Studies Centre (CTF) was established as a Documentation Division following the recommendations of its founder, Professor Filip Kumbatovič-Kalan in 1945. The Theatre Archive was established even prior to that, during WW II, by Slovene partisans’ resistance movement in the town of Črnomelj. As a follow-up to Professor Kumbatovič’s remarkable efforts, the CTF was subsequently marked by the work of Professors Marko Marin and Barbara Sušec Michieli.

Head of the Centre

Aldo Milohnić, PhD, Prof.


E-mail: is.jl1695995449-inu.1695995449tfrga1695995449@ceja1695995449b.ana1695995449job1695995449
Tel.: 01 251 04 12

The AGRFT Library is a specialized university library providing access to a wide collection of resources on theatre, radio, film and television. Its mission is to collect, catalogue and store resources relating to relevant fields of study. The founding of the library coincided with the founding of the Academy. In 1994 the library joined the COBISS database system.

For terms and conditions of borrowing, see The Theatre and Film Centre Guidelines.

Library users are provided with online access and can make use of reference library of periodicals and theatre leaflets. Library members can access and make use of NUK, IZUM and CTK databases too.

Library Material

The library contains books and typescripts. Video and audio material collections are available as part of film documentation holdings, while the iconoteque and other related material is part of theatre documentation holdings.


The library is well stocked with academic books,  stage plays in the original languages and translations. It also holds a collection of books related to other fields of study as required by our students (e.g. psychology, philosophy, music).


The library provides a large selection of periodicals and journals, mainly in the fields of film and theatre. Their list and scope can be found in the library catalogue.

Degree Theses

In 1996 the library started to include degree theses. They are being catalogued in the COBISS system. Degree theses completed prior to 1996 are kept in the Academy’s archive. To borrow them you need a written permission of the author.

Theatre Leaflets

The library has been collecting theatre leaflets since it was established. The leaflet and brochure section of the library includes a relatively complete collection of leaflets from principal theatre houses in Slovenia (SNG Drama Ljubljana, SNG Maribor, SLG Celje, SSG Trst, MGL Ljubljana, Prešernovo gledališče Kranj, PDG Nova Gorica, SMG Ljubljana), from the opera houses in Ljubljana and Maribor, and some amateur theatres. Leaflets cannot be borrowed and can be studied in the reading room only.


Since May 2004 there are 4000 typescripts available in the library.

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