The Student Council of UL AGRFT is an administrative body of UL AGRFT students. The Student Council consists of nine members, elected by the UL AGRFT students among their own ranks.

Main tasks of the UL AGRFT Student Council include:

  • to discuss all matters regarding student rights and obligations,
  • to provide assessment based on a student survey regarding teaching competences in the appointment procedures for university lecturers and associates,
  • to formulate UL AGRFT student assessment for the University Student Council and elect student members of the working and administrative bodies at UL AGRFT,
  • to formulate optionally their assessment on candidates for the Dean.

President of the UL AGRFT Student Council

Nika Manevski

Vice-President of the UL AGRFT Student Council

Jakob Šfiligoj

Members of the UL AGRFT Student Council

Bor Ravbar, Lina Akif, Katarina Prislan, Katja Predan, Žiga Planinšek, Kristian Božak Kavčič, Nik Žnidaršič, Nina Kuclar Stiković, Jure Srdinšek

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